Why no raid?

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Why no raid?

Post by WNL » Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:58 pm

By Muldvarp:
For those that has not heard yet: <Why no love> will no longer raid mythic going forward. Raiders are free to take a break, join other guilds or really do what they want :)

Reasons behind this is mainly roster issues. When we come to a point where raiders stop playing/leave the raidteam etc. faster than we can recruit, we're left with a bad situation. We tried to solve this with a merge with another guild that didn't go too well due to misunderstandings/mistakes from both sides.

I will still have to figure out what to do with the guild; direction, leadership, plans, future, bank etc.

For myself, I will take a few weeks to figure out what I want. I'm not leaving/quitting/anything else before I've left the guild in good hands.

Regarding the other members, I hope ppl will stick together, whether you guys find another raidteam, stay in the guild as casual or whatever you deem right for yourselves.

I've been in this guild for several years and I can assure you that it means a lot to me that the guild will be kept in good hands when/if I'm gone.

Thanks for all the good times.


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