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Post by Ayarae » Fri Nov 15, 2019 8:12 pm

8/8 Who wants fishkebab?

After a rough tier, mostly due to poor recruitment because people don't really want to go to a dead/ empty realm (hello Blizzard, talking to you - it's been FIVE years!). Unlucky timing in terms of the guild meet and other vacations. We caught up and killed Queen Azshara. We also moved to Twisting Nether in the mean time!

Our rankings have gone up quite nicely compared to last tier and we see ourselves now on world rank 512, EU 313. Which is an increase of 200 rankings. We aimed for 50, so 200 was a big bonus! Thanks to everyone who was there, has been there, progressed with us throughout the entire tier. And of course a big thank you to the officer team who managed to keep the guild together through the rough times as well as the raiders who were dedicated to help behind the scenes and being there for the raids.

We can't wait for the Black Empire! Also if you're interested in joining, we are on the lookout for raiders for 8.3 and on wards (hello warlocks, where you at bros?)


Here is our kill video:

Za’qul is dead. Huzzah, no more madness.

More tentacles incoming \o/!

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