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Post by Ayarae » Mon Sep 24, 2018 4:54 pm


At the moment we have cleared 8/8 normal and 7/8 heroic. Good job team! Upcoming days will be used to get 8/8 hc and hopefully 1 or 2 Mythics down. Pace should pick up in the upcoming weeks.

Raid officers are working hard to get the tactics for what works for our team and to make sure the team keeps working as a whole.

Currently we are in need of a Restoration Shaman to complement our current healing team as well as needing at least a Warlock (though some other DPS-ers are welcome too!). Keep an eye out on our Wowprogress page and/ or the recruitment section on the right, but again even if your class is not listed do not hesitate to either apply or poke one of the raid officers for more information.

To be updated ;)!

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