[ACCEPTED]Ashalfar - Social Application

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[ACCEPTED]Ashalfar - Social Application

Post by Ashalfar » Wed Feb 13, 2019 8:57 pm

Real name: Ashley
Applying for: Social

Reason for applying: We recently returned to the game (My other half is Illuminani) and are seeking a weekend events guild. We stumbled upon your recruitment post and liked what we read, it just seems to be exactly what we'd like from a guild. I myself have been here since early beta in vanilla but have only been on and off in BFA, been a hardcore raider from Vanilla until we cleared Ulduar hardmode, stepped back to a more casual playstyle but always maintained Heroic clears. Spent 11 yrs as a Holy Paladin then dabbled in various DPS classes, I'm not fantastic at DPS but I'm certainly not the worst.

I like a strong emphasis on the social aspect of a guild, where all members are treated equally regardless of rank. I like to make new friends and meet new people, once comfortable in my new surroundings I will be chatty and helpful.

Character name: Ashalfar (soon to be created)

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Re: Ashalfar - Social Application

Post by Ayarae » Wed Feb 13, 2019 10:10 pm

I liked both of your posts, just poke me (Katellia) or any officer for a social invite :).

Welcome to Why no Love!


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