[ACCEPTED]Illuminani - Social application

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[ACCEPTED]Illuminani - Social application

Post by Illuminani » Wed Feb 13, 2019 8:56 pm

Real name: Tina
Applying for: Social

Reason for applying: We have recently gotten back to the game (My other half is Ashalfar) and we are trying to find a very friendly guild that can take us both in but still show us the new raids that comes out.

Myself have been playing since the ending of TBC up untill HC WotLK and had numorous breakes since then because WoW is unfortunetly not what it used to be and its so hard to find that perfect guild for us (I raided mythic semi-hardcore content in WoD but unfortunetly didnt get archimonde mythic down). I/We would very much like to have a chance in your guild to have some fun while i/we hope you will allow us this aswell.

My first chars i have ever made was on Emeriss so i might even regonize some people from those really old days :)

We don't expect much from a guild we just want to be threated fairly and to not get ignored when we speak in Gchat and be invited to stuff when its possible and there is a spot in return i can talk about the cakes i bake and LOVE.

Character name: Illuminani
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Re: Illuminani - Social application

Post by Ayarae » Wed Feb 13, 2019 10:11 pm

Heya! I like cakes, I suck at baking myself though, then again it's been a long time ;)!

Welcome aboard, just whisper any of the officers, or me for an invite :).


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