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Before you apply

Post by Ayarae » Fri Jul 13, 2018 9:45 am

We are looking for someone who;
- Invests in their personal progression as a skilled raider
- Can compete against other players for spots and work in a large team
- Stays up to date on min/max and your capabilities on bossfights
- Is ready to work their way into our roster over the next 10 days
- Wants progress raiding in a social and respectful 20Mythic guild with a long history

We can offer;
- A respectful, fun and competitive raiding guild
- Opportunities to evolve as a player and make your way into our core roster
- Raiding spots based on your performance and attendance
- Raid leadership that invests in the players of the team
- Social events, achievement runs and more!
- Yearly guild meetings if enough interest!

Raiding times:
At the moment our raiding days and time are as following:
Wednesday 19.45 - 23.00
Thursday 19.45 - 23.00
Monday 19.45 - 23.00

Which means we don't raid a fulltime schedule so we need people who know how to make use of the time given to progress, so we need people who are prepared to be ready when it comes to tactics on progression.

Find us here;
Wowprogress: Twisting Nether (raid team): ... hy+no+love
Wowprogress: Twilight's Hammer (social): ... hy+no+love

Feel free to contact any of our raid officers in game. Or if you are interested in a social spot* any of the guild officers.
Twisting Nether:
Raid officers:
Dragus(GM), Maggan, Freshflames

Twilight's Hammer:
Restricted/ Killberry(GM), Illi, Nillarrow & Lyrik

*Social spot does NOT guarantee a raiding spot or free boosting, if you want to raid you will have to through the process of a raider and prove yourself in a raidingenvironment.


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