About us

A part of history – by Nite, first member of Why no Love

A new GM, a new site, the time of a new beginning…
This is also a time to remember who we are and how it all began, or at least that’s what I’m being asked quite a lot these days. Who am I? I’m the first member, the first GM and therefor also the longest member of this guild :lol:.

Back in the days when you had to work hard to get to level 60 and then work together to collect enough gear to be allowed to come on a 40-man raid, there was a small group of people that were serious when need be, but tended to unwind during the weekend as well. They were the ones that combined hard core raiding with drunken raids, and managed to work during the week. We wand-pulled the boss before the tank was ready and still managed to get away with it. How? We raged, yelled, cried and then laughed so hard we almost wet ourselves (not necessarily in that order). There were people in the guild that didn’t like that, wanted us to stop goofing about and wanted back the control they once had. That’s when we decided it was time to stand on our own feet and make a guild ourselves: Why no love was born.

We started on day one with 8 people, but soon friends and friends of friends joined us and we became a guild people began to know and wanted to be a part of. Not because we were a top raiding guild (we weren’t even close) but because of the atmosphere in the guild. We organised raids, grinded mats for enchants, pots and food together and divided it amongst each other for free, since that’s what guildies do. The drunken raids were open to all guildies, even if their gear-level wasn’t that good, and we never let socials pay to be taken to raids. We weren’t in the business of earning gold, we simply loved killing bosses over and over again for the fun of it.

Now the game has evolved and the guild with it: it’s a lot easier to level up, you don’t really need a guild to get better gear or simply experience new raids/dungeons (to a certain point) and if you are busy in real life you are often confronted with new patches, new worlds, new levels to achieve, etc. The downside of this, of course, is that the ‘community’ in the guild is at risk. This is where you all come in and something a GM or any guildie no matter what rank can never do on his or her own and it starts with a simple ‘hello’ when you log in or see another guildie logging in. Try it and feel the love 😉.