Why no Love is doing a comeback!

An era has ended for Why no Love. GM ship has been passed from Muldvarp to a new leadership; an officer based leadership. With new plans. We would like to thank Muldvarp for everything he has done for the guild. In times it has not been easy keeping things afloat but did manage it for a long time.

With a new Leadership there are new plans as mentioned. After a few months of raid hiatus, we are working on getting a team together of old and new players. The aim is to start raiding again when BfA hits. The plan for now is to start up normals/ heroics and slowly build our way into mythics with a steady team.

Much like other new eras this means a new beginning. Therefor we have decided to start brand new with a shiny new website + forums:  Everyone, who is or was an (active) member, is welcome to join us there. The old wowlaunch why no love website has been deactivated and has got a link to our new website.

At the moment of writing this, all the topics from the old forums that have been useful and that showed our past progression have been converted to the new forums.

If you are interested in joining us, be it as a social or raider, make sure to click on the right side and just fill in the application making sure you select the right role for your application. If you want more information just poke any of the following officers; Dragus (raid), Usmandark (raid), Kaine (guild), Grolzz (guild) and Ayarae (guild). The raid officers are specifically for that, the guild officers are for everything related to guild business.

The recruitment section is up to date as of 19-6-2018, all classes are currently open to apply!

For old news you can click here !