Once again, even if we keep reminding ourselves to do it, we didn’t make a kill picture. We soaked up some menstrual blood (thanks Aelythia for the reference notification which gave me this idea to do even more so) and got ourselves 4 out of 8 Mythic kills :)!

Keep an eye out on our Wowprogress page and/ or the recruitment section on the right, but again even if your class is not listed do not hesitate to either apply or poke one of the raid officers for more information.

To be updated ;)! Our intro for killvideos is almost done (thanks Barnzy!), so hopefully it will be up for the next videos! Check Magnox2 (Windwalker PoV) , Ludwicc (Hunter PoV) , Aelythia (Holy priest PoV)  or Katellia (Holy pala PoV) for progression and videos! You can see our kill videos here.

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